Providing Solutions in Challenging Times - The MacDermid Way

As we navigate these times during the COVID-19 pandemic, MacDermid Graphics Solutions is proud of our global team for following local health safety guidelines while continuing to support our company and customers. Ivan Rozo, Business Development Manager, MGS Latin America, wrote this blog to reflect on the changes and challenges that we are all experiencing in the packaging supply chain. With this article, Ivan wants to thank our LATAM team; he and the rest of MacDermid stand behind them as they work to stay on top of the current situation.  

To start, we must travel back in time to the fall of 2019...businesses were budgeting and organizing sales plans for 2020. Having a string of continuous growth, it seemed logical to project a new year with bigger goals and more significant challenges. For MacDermid, the differentiation in our value equation always seeks to provide operational advantages that allow us to solve business problems for our customers and our customer's custom…

Let's Muse About the Future of Packaging – MGS is Preparing, Are You?

To a consumer, product packaging may be a secondary consideration to the product inside the package. Companies devote countless hours designing a product, making sure it offers the absolute best value and experience to the customer. But let's take a second and think about the last time you bought a product from Apple, an iPhone, iPad, or Macbook, and you weren't impressed with the way it was presented in the packaging? Opening the box of a new iPhone is an experience in and of itself!
Smart product companies know their packaging is more than a corrugated box, plastic bag, or folding carton. Product packaging is a powerful tool used to amplify a brand and build a connection with the consumer. Your packaging possesses a unique asset: it provides you with an opportunity to give your customers a guaranteed sensory experience, both sight, touch, and sometimes even smell.
At the grocery store, a consumer can pass, on average, over 39,000 items while shopping. How does a product stand…

What Does "Clean" Really Mean?

Marketing messaging today can be overwhelming, especially with flexo photopolymer plates and the word “clean.” You hear terms like clean print, clean plate, prints clean, anti-fill, and more. It is safe to say all plate manufacturers want you to achieve cleaner print, and there are only so many ways to say it or even show it. You may have even seen our competitors using a stock photo we too have used to advertise our plates and technology (awkward). While we won’t mention our competitors by name, we all know improving plate cleanliness on press is a big benefit for flexo printing, but what does the “clean” really mean?
Clean - The MacDermid Plate Definition
First, if cleanliness on press must be improved, that means something must be dirty, right? “Dirty” print is a multi-factored issue and can be impacted by more than just the plate. Our friends at All Printing Resources (APR) did a great job explaining dirty print in their three-part blog post “Understanding Common Flexo Print Defects…

Optimizing Solids

Flexography is a printing process used for a large number of substrates and applications, as such the process colors can differ based on the pigments based on in their properties. Although there are color specifications, there is no general norm for density values leaving a number of open questions... What is the correct density for a printed job? Why do we find different values from company to company? Who is right? The reality is that in recent years a popular belief has emerged: the higher the density, the better the result. Ideally, an attainable, repeatable, and consistent standard should be established maintaining a correlation closest to the color proof.
To optimize solids we must first review the basics...what is density, or to be more accurate, reflection density? According to the Flexographic Image Reproduction Standards & Tolerances (FIRST), and Flexographic Principles & Practices, reflection density is a measure of the proportion of light reflected from the substrat…