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Screening Technology: Another Piece in the Puzzle

Today printers have many options to enhance flexographic print quality. Whether using flat-top dots, hybrid presses, or screening technologies there is a maze of information that must be navigated when choosing flexo enhancing technologies. With new flexo technologies, we are able to expand flexo and move jobs from competing technologies such as offset, gravure, and digital. With advancements in flexo photopolymer plate and platemaking technologies such as MacDermid’s LUX  ITP™ product portfolio and UV LED curing, comes the ability to hold finer highlight dots. These fine highlight dots enable designers more flexibility in creating art that will pop off the shelf and catch the eye of the consumer, especially with fade to zero effects. Surface screening has improved the everlasting issue with ink transfer and solid ink coverage helping those vibrant and saturated brand colors to become more consistent across packaging platforms. Selecting, Curing, and Screening Just as selectin