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Who's ready for some technical talk?! I hope you have your flexo dictionary handy... As photopolymer plate formulators, manufacturers and suppliers, we often get asked about emerging technologies and their impact on flexographic printing plate development. Sustainability, printed electronics, 3D Printing are just a few “buzzwords” we hear a lot about, BUT… UV LED technology may be the most “emerged” technology that we come across today. We’d like to take a few minutes to discuss how we, from the plate development and supply side of the fence, see this technology playing out and where we see ourselves standing in this growing field. UV LED Technology in Flexo Platemaking While the most common application of UV LED in flexographic printing today is often seen as the “on press” or print application area, the use of UV LED for curing flexographic plates has been around for longer than one may think. The use of UV LEDs has been most successfully applied via Esko in their “Inli